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SS Opal Faceted Y Necklace

SS Opal Faceted Y Necklace



SS Opal Faceted Y Necklace 

This shimmering opal necklace is ready to wear! The necklace is full of faceted opal stones and has an elegant Y shape at its center where a pear opal hangs. As light hits this piece the multicolor nature of opal will have its time to shine and display a combination of lovely colors!

Necklace length 21cm

The chain allows for the clasp to clip on any rings so adjustable in length and size 

7 1.5x1cm pear shaped opal

7 8x5mm oval shaped opal 

1 5x6mm oval shaped opal

1 10x8mm pear drop opal 

sku 5484719 


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