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Sterling Silver Grape Chalcedony Pendant

Sterling Silver Grape Chalcedony Pendant

$200.00 $400.00


  • Sterling Silver Grape Chalcedony Pendant
  • Pronged Sterling Silver Pendant
  • Naturally-formed Chalcedony
  • Pendant Size: 50 mm x 75 mm


CHALCEDONY is in the quartz family.  Natural chalcedony has no banding.  It is made up of very small, parallel-oriented fibers.  It occurs as crusts and cavity fillings, and it comes in a variety of colors.  
The ancient sea in the port of Marmara, known as Chalcedon, may have been the source of the name of chalcedony.  In many cultures this stone is believed to protect travelers from harm.  It was also used to expel gallstones and to treat fevers, as well as having been said to have an affect on lactation of nursing mothers.


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