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Baltimore Oriole Cloisonné Box with Matching Necklace

Baltimore Oriole Cloisonné Box with Matching Necklace

$43.75 $62.50


  • Cloisonne Box Baltimore Oriole with Matching Necklace
  • 3.75 inch x 3.75 inch x 2.25 inch box
  • 18 inch gold plated chain
  • 21mm x 17mm pendant

 CLOISONNÉ From the French cloisons meaning partitions, cloisonné is a centuries-old technique of baking ground glass enamels onto a metal surface, separating the colors by thin bands of wire partitions. It predates the reign of china's Ming Dynasty. While china is most well known for its high quality cloisonné works, the art form actually originated in the near east, and made its way through the Byzantine Empire to China by way of the silk trade roads.

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